Water for Whiros Project

One of the most neglected areas of Guatemalan society are the children. Did you know that Guatemala is the most densely populated country in Central America with a population of almost 18 million people? Did you know there are over 2,500 public schools in the Guatemalan education system, and that less than 10% of them have their own safe, clean water source.

If the average school only has 300 students in attendance, that is 675,000 children with no access to water while they try to learn and grow.

The Lord has placed a burden on my heart to do everything I can to help change that statistic. That is why we have started our newest project, Water for Whiros. "Whiros" is a slang Guatemalan term that means "little kids." Together with your sponsorship and help funding new wells we will change that statistic.


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Change Lives With Us!

If you would like to personally sponsor a new well project, we will place a beautiful marble plaque on the well site and dedicate the well to a person or organization of your choice. Please contact us for more information.