ABCs of Water-Brand Guide-Circle

Advancement of the Kingdom, Betterment of life, Love for Children through Clean Water Initiatives

What are the ABC's of water?

A = ADVANCEMENT of the Kingdom of God. Every aspect of what we do is done to bring Glory to God and spread the Gospel message of the Love of Jesus Christ.

B = BETTERMENT of the quality of life and standard of living for the Guatemalan people God has called us to serve through clean water initiatives.

C = CHILDREN of Guatemala and our love for them. My daughter was born in Guatemala. As I held her in the delivery room, the Lord birthed a passion in my heart to use the resources and abilities He has given me to help the children.

Why does clean water matter?

The Center for Disease Control states that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through contaminated water sources. Access to clean water is fundamental to disease prevention, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and child mortality.

With a population of nearly 18 million, Guatemala is the most densely populated country in Central America. Of the 2,500 public schools in their education system, less than 10% have access to safe, clean water. If the average school only has 300 students (a very conservative number) in attendance, that leaves 675,000 children with no access to water while they try to learn and grow.

How can we help?

The Lord has placed a burden on my heart to do everything I can to help change that statistic. The ABC’s of Water program helps the Guatemalan people improve their quality of life and raises their standard of living by implementing clean water, hygiene, sanitation, aquaponics, farming, and discipleship projects across the country.

With a fully funded program, the ABC’s of Water staff will produce 20 water wells, sanitation education projects, and at least 3 aquaponics farms per year. We will focus on communities who have limited or no access to a clean source of drinking water, need improved method of waste disposal, and a high rate of undernourishment.

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ABCs of Water-Brand Guide-Whiros

Water for Whiros

"Whiros" is a slang Guatemalan term that means "little kids." With your sponsorship of our Water for Whiros project, together we can change the lives of the children and people of Guatemala by providing access to clean, safe water.

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